What is Council?

The Engineering Society Council is a bi-weekly meeting where all voting and ex-officio members of the Society, as well as any members at large, come together to make decisions regarding the Engineering Society. The Engineering Society Council is the highest decision-making body within the Society. While only 36 members have a vote, any undergraduate engineering student is welcome to attend, observe, or speak to any motion. The agenda for each council is posted on the Engineering Society’s website two days prior to the meeting. For more information, please feel free to email the Director of Governance at [email protected].

Council Calendar

Council Submissions

To submit a motion or Director/Executive report please use the following links below.

Council Records

Virtual council archives date as far back as 2014. The table below presents the agenda, meeting minutes, and appendices from past councils. For more information relating to previous versions of the governing documents or physical records, email the Director of Governance at [email protected].
DateAgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive Stream/Recording
March 21, 2024AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
March 7, 2024AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
February 12, 2024AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
January 30, 2024AgendaAgendaLive stream
January 9, 2024AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
November 23, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
November 9, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
October 26, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
September 28, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
September 14, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting minutesLive stream
March 30, 2023AgendaAppendicesLive stream
March,14, 2023AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
February 9, 2023AgendaAppendicesLive stream
January 24, 2023AgendaLive stream
January 12, 2023AgendaLive stream
November 24, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 10, 2022AgendaN/AMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 27, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
September 29, 2022AgendaAppendicesLive stream
September 15, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
April 14th, 2022. SGMAgendaMeeting Minutes
March 31st, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
March 17th, 2022. AGMAgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
March 3rd, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
February 8th, 2022AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
January 25th, 2022AgendaN.A.Meeting Minutes
November 22nd, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 8th, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 18th, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 4th, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
September 20th, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
March 31st, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
AGM - March 17th, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
March 3rd, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
February 3rd, 2021AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
January 20th, 2021AgendaMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 26th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 5th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
October 22nd, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
October 1st, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
September 22nd, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
September 18th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
AGM-March 20th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
February 27th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
February 4th, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
January 23rd, 2020AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
November 21st, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
October 31st, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
October 17th, 2019AgendaMeeting Minutes
September 26th, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
September 12th, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
April 4th, 2019
AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
March 21st, 2019 (AGM) AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
March 7th, 2019 AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
February 7th, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
January 24th, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
January 10th, 2019AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
November 22nd, 2018AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
November 1st, 2018AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
October 11th, 2018
AgendaAppendices Meeting Minutes
September 27th, 2018AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
September 13th, 2018Agenda AppendicesMeeting Minutes
April 5th, 2018AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 22nd, 2018 (AGM)AgendaMeeting Minutes
March 8th, 2018AgendaMeeting Minutes
February 8th, 2018AgendaMeeting MinutesLive stream
January 25th, 2018AgendaMeeting Minutes
January 11th, 2018AgendaMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 23rd, 2017AgendaMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 9th, 2017AgendaMeeting Minutes
October 26th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 12th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
September 28th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
September 14th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting Minutes
April 6th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
March 23rd, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
March 9th, 2017 (AGM)AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
March 2nd, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
February 9th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
January 26th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
January 12th, 2017AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 24th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
November 10th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 27th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesLive stream
October 13th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
September 29th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
September 15th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
March 24th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
March 10th, 2016AgendaAppendicesMeeting MinutesN/A
March 9th, 2016 (AGM)Meeting MinutesN/A
February 25th, 2016Meeting MinutesN/A
February 4th, 2016Meeting MinutesN/A
January 21st, 2016Meeting MinutesN/A
January 7th, 2016Meeting MinutesN/A
November 26th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
November 12th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
October 29th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
October 15th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
October 1st, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
September 17th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
March 26th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
March 12th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
March 9th, 2015 (AGM)Meeting MinutesN/A
February 26th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
February 5th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
January 22nd, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
January 8th, 2015Meeting MinutesN/A
November 20th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
November 6th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
October 23rd, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
October 9th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
September 25th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
September 11th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
March 27th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
March 13th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
February 27th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A
February 6th, 2014Meeting MinutesN/A


To change Policy or By-Laws, follow these easy steps!

1. Keep track changes while you make edits to policy

2. E-mail your track-changed copy of the Policy/By-Law you are changing to the Director of Governance ([email protected]) for 11:59 pm the Monday before council.

3. Complete the Microsoft Form to request a motion for your changes (Link to motion request form). The formatting of this motion can be seen below.  

WHEREAS, (reason #1 for changing policy/by-laws)
AND WHEREAS, (more reasons, if you have them)
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Council approve of the changes to Policy Section (insert section here) as seen in appendix “(whatever you want to name it here)”

However, if you are changing a By-Law instead of a policy section you must come and submit everything to TWO weeks of council. The first week your BE IT RESOLVED THAT will say “Council approve of the changes to By-Law (insert number here) in its first reading as seen in appendix ‘(whatever you want to name it here)’” and the following week your motion’s BE IT RESOLVED THAT will say “Council approve of the changes to By-Law (insert number here) in its second reading as seen in appendix ‘(whatever you want to name it here)’”

4. Come to council on that Thursday at 6:30 pm (EST) to speak for why you want your motion to pass, and make it happen!

It’s that simple!

You can expect interesting discussion on society governance, faculty and university decisions and civilized discourse. There are rules about when you can talk, and how the meetings are structured. For more information on that, download the council guide. The guide contains a more in-depth description of how council works, and what you should expect.

There are 36 voting members of council, and 17 non-voting members of council. These 47 people are mandated to be at council meetings, however any engineering student who has paid their EngSoc student fees are welcome to come join in at Council! Email the Director of Governance at [email protected] if you would like the Zoom link to an upcoming Council meeting.

Also, the Annual General Meeting is open to all undergraduate engineering students, with each having a vote.

For any questions about council, or if you have suggestions for this page, please email the Director of Governance at [email protected]

Have Questions?

Please email the Director of Governance with any questions or inquires regarding the Society's governance portfolio.