The Engineering Society of Queen’s University hosts elections for our Executive Leaders, Senators, and Year Executives on an annual basis. Elections are administered by the Elections Committee. The Elections Committee consists of the Chief Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, Chief Electoral Officer, Director of Governance, Vice-President of Student Affairs, and Director of Communications.

Ready to Nominate Yourself?


Bi-annually the Junior senator is elected during the same campaign period as the Engineering Society's Executives.

Year Executives

The First Year Executives are elected every September. We urge First Year students to come out to elections to either run or support their friends! Upper Year Executives are elected in March.

Elected Position Overviews

Information on each of these elected positions can be found in the table below.
PresidentThe leader of Year Exec. They direct the Executive and chair the weekly meetings. The President is a voting member of EngSoc Council.
Vice-PresidentActs in the President’s place as a leader when the President is not present. The Vice-President is a voting member of EngSoc Council. The 2nd year Vice President also attends Engineering Faculty Board.
AMS RepresentativeSits on AMS Assembly and EngSoc Council on alternating Thursday nights. This person represents their year of engineers to the AMS and is a voting member of EngSoc Council.
Faculty Board/BED Fund RepresentativeAttends monthly Faculty Board meetings with other year reps, the EngSoc President. Additionally they will be the liaison between their year and the BED Head Board. This person is a voting member of EngSoc Council.
Event Coordinator (2)The event coordinators will work together to brainstorm and plan events throughout the year.
TreasurerAdminister the finances of the Year Exec with the Engineering Society.
Publicity ManagerRecords and distributes meeting minutes from each Year Exec meeting. This person is also in charge of the publicity efforts for the Year Exec.
Year Merchants (2)In charge of creating and ordering merchandise for the year.
Webmasters (2)Develop and maintain the website for their year.
ThankQ (4th year only)Coordinates the gift given by the graduating class (4th year only).
Yearbook (4th year only)Collects photos, ensures yearbook is published (4th year only).
Section Reps (3) (1st Year only)Sits as voting members of council on behalf of the 1st year supersections. Elected within supersections early in the fall term.
J-Section Rep (1st year only)Sits as voting member of council on behalf of the 1st years in Section 900. Elected within J-Section early in the Winter term of 1st year.