Conferences & Competitions

The Engineering Society organizes over 10 unique conferences and competitions allowing students the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, develop skills, and build a deeper understanding of their degree.

Commerce and Engineering Environmental Conference (CEEC)

The Commerce & Engineering Environmental Conference (CEEC) is Canada’s premier undergraduate conference on sustainability, creating a forum for the country’s future leaders and innovators to become inspired and drive environmental change in the emerging green sector. CEEC allows students to gain exposure to transformative technologies and ideas through a series of focused panel sessions and speakers, exciting competitions, collaborative events and outstanding networking opportunities; all of which are fundamental to the CEEC experience. Embodied by a group of students with a passion for sustainability and the environment, CEEC is a unique conference that combines the skill sets of various disciplines to explore solutions to emerging environmental problems. As Canada’s premier undergraduate conference focused on sustainability, CEEC attracts top Canadian students from all over the country who are passionate about the environment and highly motivated to make a difference within the industry. Topics ranging from renewable energy, smart cities, ecology, ocean conservation and many more are all explored throughout the conference and other CEEC events. This fosters a year round environment for students to gain a better understanding of how they can forge a career in sustainability and help solve some of the most pressing issues facing the world. CEEC explores the business opportunities and technology that will allow for the next generation to lead us into a world that is built upon green innovation and solving the climate crisis.

Conference on Industry and Resources (CIRQUE)

CIRQUE, the Conference on Industry and Resources is the longest-standing conference at Queen’s, originally established in 1983. It aims to show the versatility of an engineering degree and to provide its students with the right skills and connections to immediately make a splash in whatever industry they pursue! Ever since its inception, CIRQUE has delivered and illuminated the path for countless Engineering Students to pursue professional fields outside of Engineering. Every year, CIRQUE brings together some of the most talented and motivated students to close the gap between their degrees and employment opportunities. Prepare to work alongside some of the brightest minds, who are equally as passionate as you to strive for better. If you like the idea of directly interacting with Industry Experts, CEOs, and CFOs, while gaining valuable networking experience at a conference of this size, keep an eye out for CIRQUE delegate applications later this year! We look forward to seeing you at CIRQUE!

Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC)

The Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC) is an annual student-run, three-day competition that brings together more than 300 of the province’s brightest students. Competitors demonstrate their engineering skills in a competitive environment, while also developing meaningful relationships with their peers. Over the past 45 years, the competition has grown to become one of the largest and highly anticipated engineering competitions in Canada. This year, Queen’s University is proud to have been chosen to host in 2024. For a team to qualify for OEC, they must win their respective university’s qualifier competition. Teams are composed of 2-4 delegates, and there are nine available categories from which to compete: Junior and Senior Design, Programming, Debate, Re-Engineering, Consulting, Communications, Innovative Design, and Bio-Engineering. These categories test delegates’ innovation, problem-solving, and leadership skills – all key qualities of a successful and well-rounded engineer. The highest-performing teams from OEC will then represent Ontario at the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC), to be hosted in 2024 by the University of Calgary.

Queen’s Engineering Competition (QEC)

The Queen’s Engineering Competition aims to inspire excellence through competition within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Delegates are invited to a conference style case competition and are asked to select one of the eight challenges of the type engineers encounter every day. This opportunity to take our skills outside of the classroom shows ourselves and our industry partners the competence and creativity we all hold within us.

Queen’s University Engineering Sustainable Solutions and Technologies (QUESST)

The Queens Engineering Sustainable Solutions and Technologies Competition aims to cultivate an atmosphere of innovation, empowering the upcoming generation of Queen's students to champion positive change. This competition encourages participants to engage in creative thinking and devise inventive solutions for practical challenges. By participating in this initiative, delegates gain an exclusive chance to interact with industry professionals and receive valuable mentorship, enhancing their skills in critical thinking and problem-solving. The ultimate goal is to motivate and equip Queen's students with the capability to generate sustainable solutions, fostering a positive influence on both society and the environment.

Queen’s Capture the Flag (QCTF)

The Queen’s Capture the Flag is an annual event run in partnership with the Queen’s Engineering Society that allows Queen’s University students interested in cybersecurity and other fields of computing and information technology to learn technical skills through a friendly competition. This hands-on experience provides a space for participants to learn and practice skills seldom taught in academia or other extracurricular events. A capture the flag event is where participants use knowledge of math's, logic, and computer science to complete a series of challenges. Completing challenges reveals a key, which is then used to gain points for their team. Teams compete for prizes and bragging rights. QCTF also showcases the problem solving, innovation, and creativity of Queen’s students, and provides networking opportunities within the software and cybersecurity industry for Queen’s students.

Queen’s Conference on Business Technology (QCBT)

As one of only two clubs at Queen’s University that are ratified under both the Engineering and Commerce Society, the Queen’s Conference on Business and Technology (QCBT) is a club that aims to educate and cultivate curiosity about the emerging influence of technology in business. Over a two-day weekend in January, we connect talented and impactful students with industry leaders through interactive and insightful events. QCBT is the perfect avenue for those interesting in learning about the tech and business space, regardless of your faculty. Over the years, we have received students ranging from Commerce, Engineering, Computer Science, Arts, and more. Moreover, QCBT actively encourages networking and coffee-chatting at the conference, with many delegates receiving internship placements. Our hope is that through thoughtful discussion about the constantly evolving tech trends and advancements, delegates will gain a deeper understanding of how these trends are impacting businesses. Bringing together over 100 students across more than 12 institutions in Canada, QCBT is a winning formula for curious minds to engage in meaningful content to decipher the intertwine of business and technology.

Queen’s Global Energy Conference (QGEC)

The Queen’s Global Energy Conference was conceived in order to provide an unbiased platform where all parts of the energy sector may share their voice. We aim to create an environment where diverse and compelling discussions may be shared. Delegates will gain a holistic view of the energy landscape by connecting bright young students with current leaders. Sponsors will have the opportunity to show their support for a critical topic as well as facilitate the education of future industry leaders. This year QGEC will be hosted January 23rd/24th with several panels focused on topics including Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Clean Technology, Engineering Consulting, Grid Operations, and the energy industry from the perspective of financial institutions and investors. This September we will also be looking to hire more students to be part of our executive committee. So if you are interested in getting involved with an amazing executive team and share a passion for the energy industry stay tuned for hiring updates through our social media pages!

Queen’s Space Engineering Conference (QSC)

Queen’s Space Conference is Canada’s largest student-run space conference and is focused on connecting students with space industry leaders. The conference is centered around a series of exciting talks, an innovative case competition, and networking opportunities. With an average of 8 speakers, QSC provides delegates with an opportunity to learn from both the academia and industry side of the space industry. The case competition allows students to work with one another through an ideation and design thinking process in order to solve complex problems in the space industry. Delegates will have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, conference sponsors, and professionals in the space industry. Students have the option to purchase a platinum delegate pass which allows them to develop further connections with speakers and sponsors in an exclusive event with a casual setting. All Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about various student projects relating to the space industry during the student fair and can build connections with passionate students during the night time socials. With lots to offer, QSC strives to bring together industry professionals in order to provide delegates with the most informative, inspiring, and memorable conference possible. QSC is about sparking thought and idea-generation, raising awareness of the space industry, and piquing the interest in space for the future generation.

Queen’s Women in Applied Science and Engineering (Q-WASE)

The Queen’s Women in Engineering and Applied Science Conference (Q-WASE) is the faculty’s first and only non-technical student conference. Q-WASE aims to explore the gender disparity in engineering in Canada through an intersectional lens and challenge the status quo. The conference brings together individuals from all disciplines and backgrounds, providing an inclusive environment for students and professionals to share ideas and become empowered to enact change. Delegates will be able to grow their professional networks and connect with passionate, like-minded individuals through unique and stimulating conversations and activities. At the Q-WASE conference, delegates can expect: interactive panels with industry professionals, talks from inspiring leaders who have made a name for themselves in their field, and engaging workshops and case competitions designed to tackle pressing issues in the engineering industries.