Clubs & Teams

The Engineering Society has thirteen unique clubs, and over 1000 students involved each year. Clubs not only enhance student life, but provide opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the Queen’s and Kingston community. No matter what you’re interested or passionate about, there’s something for everyone to get involved!

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

Queen’s University Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE) works to support and empower all women in STEM fields by helping them achieve their full potential as engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders. Our mission is to empower marginalized groups in STEM, including cis and trans women as well as non-binary people. WiSE operates on three main pillars: inspiring the next generation of women, educating on the importance of female representation in the industry, and collaborating with others sharing the same goals.

Queen’s Vertical Farming Team (QVFT)

The Queen’s Vertical Farming Team (QVFT) is Canada’s first undergraduate club of its kind. Vertical farming is an efficient, sustainable, high-tech cultivation method which is able to produce nutritious, healthy crops with 95% less water and 400x less land. Our mission is to develop a functional, small-scale farm right here in Kingston. Drawing inspiration from the best current commercial practices, we plan to establish ourselves as innovators in this rapidly expanding industry. QVFT is highly multidisciplinary, and provides program-specific opportunities for students involved in biochemistry, plant science, computer-aided design, computer modelling, data analysis, and systems design.

Queen’s Students for Systems Change (QSSC)

Queen’s Students for Systems Change (QSSC) was formerly known as Queen’s Engineers Without Borders, but no longer has affiliation with the Engineers Without Borders organization. Our goal is to help drive forward systemic change in areas contributing to global development, poverty alleviation, and social justice. We are made up of 9 portfolios: Environment, Food Systems, Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health & Wellness, Youth Ventures, Global Engineering, Reconcili-Action, Sustainable Clothing and Marketing. Our portfolios work on a number of projects throughout the year that have an impact locally and globally.

Queen’s Energy and Commodities Association (QECA)

The Queen’s Energy & Commodities Association (QECA) is the premier undergraduate club focused on energy and commodities. As a joint Engineering-Commerce club, QECA aims to showcase the relevance of these sectors from both a technical and financial perspective. As Canada is uniquely poised as a major producer of energy and raw materials, we explore the technology and business environment to develop these resources while highlighting the opportunities and careers available. QECA’s primary objective is to raise the profile of these industries at Queen’s through hosting presentations, socials and industry speakers as well as developing partnerships with conferences and clubs on-campus. QECA coverage includes Oil & Gas, Renewable Energy, Metals & Mining, Macroeconomics, and Advanced Technologies.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team seeks to strengthen and maintain relationships between Queen's Engineering and the community both within Queen's University and the city of Kingston. The team organizes a variety of community initiatives such canned good drives, elementary school visits, Santa Claus parade, and many more events!

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

The NSBE Queens Chapter was started in the summer of 2020 with the goal to provide a community for Black-identifying Queen’s engineering students through the pillars of mentorship, professional development, and academic support. The NSBE also collaborates with other schools (500+ chapters globally) to extend resources and community. In addition to ongoing mentorship through pairings, the club runs at least one event each month, falling under one of their pillars.

IT Operations Team

The IT Operations Team is responsible for maintaining the digital experience for EngSoc members. The team’s role encompasses technical issue resolution, identification of IT infrastructure gaps, and ongoing improvements to enhance overall efficiency. Comprising a skilled team of five members, ITOps serves as the primary point of contact for EngSoc members, promptly addressing IT tickets and inquiries. Responsibilities extend to the management and upkeep of EngSoc websites, the EngSoc shop, and configuring event tickets. Additionally, ITOps plays a role in ensuring knowledge is accessible within the society by creating and curating a comprehensive knowledgebase, a valuable resource for technical problem-solving. The IT Operations Team also actively seeks out innovative IT projects to further enhance existing solutions.

Equity Team

The Equity Team's mission is to foster an inclusive campus environment, with a particular focus on nurturing inclusivity within the Engineering Society. We aim to provide a platform for students to express their concerns, expand their knowledge, connect with like-minded peers, and effect positive change within the Engineering Society for years to come. Our commitment extends to acknowledging the rich diversity of identities on campus and actively supporting the various exceptional clubs and events that cater to our diverse student body.


Queen's EngiQueers is here to celebrate and support queer students in engineering and their allies. We aim to make positive changes on campus by building on our three pillars: community, education, advocacy, and professional development.

Engineering Society Software Development Team (ESSDEV)

It is composed of multiple teams of students who each work on a unique software project for the duration of the year. Each project team has 4-5 members and is led by a project manager. The teams work together to choose a project idea that interests them; topics this year include machine learning, computer vision, mobile development, and video games. All of ESSDEV also comes together once a month to share their progress and participate in workshops for skill and career development specific to the software industry. The purpose of ESSDEV is to help students build their portfolio, learn new skills, and meet students with similar interests.

Communications Teams

The Communications Team provides free media and marketing services for the Engineering Society. The team consists of three sub teams the photography, videography, and marketing team which consists of both graphic design and social media resources. The team runs various in-house projects including mini-mic series, headshots sessions, photo contest, and more! The team is a great creative outlet for passionate individuals and allows you to learn new skills and work with like minded people.

Automation Team

The Engineering Society's Automation Team works to support automation needs of the Society. The team works with various automation software's to create flow to help create more efficient processes.