Orientation Week


Engineering and Applied Science Orientation Week is a fun-filled event designed to introduce incoming engineering students to the “Renowned Spirit and Unrivaled Excellence” Queen’s Engineering is known for. Throughout the week, incoming students are introduced to the campus, the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the Engineering Society, and the surrounding Kingston community. Devoted Orientation Leaders (FRECs) lead the incoming students through a variety of activities that test the creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm of the incoming class. Incoming students are immersed in the skills, traditions, and sense of community that makes Queen’s Engineering stand apart. Events are planned throughout the year, and the whole week is entirely student organized by the FREC Committee (FC).
All events at Orientation Week are optional and there is a range of activities available to allow everyone to participate at the level they are comfortable. There is so much to see at each event and many people to meet along the way. Every student will be able to engage with a devoted group of FRECs, the Engineering Society’s Executive Director Team, the Alma Mater Society, and the faculty throughout the week. Incoming students will be introduced to the various clubs, conferences, events, design teams, and on-campus services available at Queen’s.
The Queen’s Faculty of Applied Science is a community like no other. Immediately following the arrival of all incoming first years is an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that welcomes everyone to their new home with action-packed fun and unique activities. The component that sets apart Queen’s Engineers from all others in Canada is the camaraderie that is formed during this week, along with countless events throughout the year that are all long-standing traditions that have been taking place since the realization of the engineering faculty at Queen’s University. Orientation Week is a phenomenal opportunity for incoming students to engage with their peers and gather resources, so they feel comfortable and prepared for the start of class.

The Engineering & Applied Science Orientation Week will run from

September 3rd-4th and 9th-10th

Transfer Students

Incoming transfer students to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science whether from another faculty at Queen’s or another university are welcome and encouraged to participate in Orientation Week.

Orientation Week Bursaries

The Queen’s Engineering Society strives to ensure Orientation Week is financially accessible to all incoming students. The Society will generously award bursaries based on a written application which is reviewed confidentially by the Bursary Committee. Bursaries will be given to incoming students whom the Society deems require financial assistance to participate in Orientation Week. There are a limited number of bursaries available.



Stay up to date on Orientation Week information on the @queensengineeringoweek Instagram page.



It is impossible to run such a fantastic Orientation Week without the generosity of our sponsors and donators. An experience that involves over 1000 individuals requires a large monetary commitment that the university makes every year to ensure that every incoming first year has the best experience possible.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all our amazing sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Sponsorship Inquiries

Your partnership will enable us to continue organizing high-quality events that educate, inspire, and connect the Queen’s Engineering community. For more information, please contact the FC Sponsorship Coordinator.