Retail Services

The Engineering Society owns and operates four retail-focused services for students.

Clark Hall Pub

Clark Hall Pub is an on campus, student run pub, that is rich with Queens tradition! It is the oldest student-run pub in Canada, and has always been a place for students, alumni, and professors to relax and have a good time. Clark Hall Pub has a diverse staff and patron base from all faculties!

The Tea Room

The Tea Room was established in 2006 as an environmentally friendly and socially conscious café located in Beamish-Munro Hall. We provide the Queen’s and Kingston community with the option of buying environmentally responsible food and drinks, sourced from local vendors. We specialize in loose-leaf tea, coffee, and espresso while offering a variety of wholesome lunch and snack options. The Tea Room operates based on three pillars: environmental responsibility, education, and fiscal sustainability.

Campus Equipment Outfitters (CEO)

Campus Equipment Outfitters was established in 1988. We are a student run service with three areas of focus: Queen's and Engineering Apparel, Custom Orders, and Queen's Engineering Jackets (a.k.a. Golden Party Armour). Our goal is to provide affordable quality merchandise to individuals and organizations. Students can get involved with CEO photoshoots, sales, and clothing design by becoming a Brand Ambassador. Check out @campusequipmentoutfitters on Instagram and for our products. For any questions or to contact CEO directly, email [email protected]

Golden Words

Golden Words is a student-run satire newspaper that has been published by The Engineering Society of Queen's University since 1967. It is entertaining, allows any student to get involved, and discusses real-world topics with a spin. There is a very welcoming, fun, and collaborative community and culture surrounding Golden Words. Students love to hang copies on their walls, quote memorable zingers and one-liners from articles and editorials, and send in their own articles and pictures. Although the paper is satirical, we don’t just write silly jokes. Through comedy, student writers comment on the political landscape and general social scene of the Engineering Society, Queen’s University, and the world to bring recognition to how silly things really are.

Open Positions!

Interested in applying for one of our services? Check out our Breezy page for open positions.