Bank of EngSoc

This page summarizes useful information for affiliated groups regarding the Engineering Society’s Bank (BoE) and its internal processes.

Director of Finance
Sam Shaw, [email protected] 

Financial Officers
Herbert Wang, [email protected])
Becca Randall, [email protected])
Nathan Hrebicek, [email protected])
Sasha Oginni, [email protected])

VP Finance & Administration
Monique Wun, [email protected] 

General Manager
Jay Young, [email protected] 

  • To make purchases please use an Executive or General Manager credit card.  
  • To make a purchase the expense must be in an approved budget.  
  • To access a credit card, stop by the Engineering Student Lounge in Beamish-Munro Hall Room 106 during operating hours or Executive office hours.


Operating Hours  

Monday to Thursday 9:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. 

Friday 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. 

Follow the below steps to deposit money into your affiliated group’s account. 

  1. Update budget actuals to reflect the deposit. 
  2. Fill out deposit form: 
    Required information: 
    • Name of Depositor 
    • Account Number (4-digits) 
    • Associated Budget Line 
    • Amount of Money ($) 
    • Deposit Memo 
    • Type of Deposit (e.g., cheque, EFT, E-Transfer, etc.) 


Disclaimer: Dean’s Donation and Sponsorships may be deposited later than expected. Please contact your associated Financial Officer for details regarding your deposit. 

Follow the below steps if you have paid an expense out of pocket and require reimbursement from the Engineering Society on behalf of your group’s account.

Note: Alcohol purchases will not be reimbursed by BoE under any circumstance

  1. Update the “Actuals” column in your budget with the expensed value of the purchase.
    • BoE > ACTUALS “Group Name” 2023-2024 Budget
  2. Upload proof of purchase (receipts) to your group’s BoE account’s folder
    • Documentation > Reimbursement Receipts
  3. Fill out the reimbursement request form:
    Required information:
    • Account Number (4-digits)
    • Group Name
    • Assigned Financial Officer
    • Payment Memo
    • Associated Budget Line

If a request is denied, the individual requesting reimbursement and the group’s treasurer will be contacted.

Disclaimer: Reimbursements are via cheque requisitions, this entails an expected turnaround time of 1-2 weeks

To reserve the POS machine (debit/credit) and/or the cash box fill out the form here.

Disclaimer: Groups can only have the POS machine and cash box for one day at a time. If needed for multiple days, they must be returned to the Engineering Student Lounge (BMH 106) in between days. 

Follow the below steps for invoice payments.  
  1. Update your budget “Actuals” with the associated amount.  
  2. Contact your Financial Officer with the following information: 
    • Name of Payee 
    • Address for Transfer 
    • Amount of Money ($) 
    • Payment Memo 
    • Budget Line 
  3. Confirm with payee to ensure that the invoice was received.