Our Team


Jack Walker


The President serves as the primary representative of the Society, communicating the mission, vision, and direction. They oversee the Directors of Academics, Professional Development, First Year, and External Relations.

Avery McFadden

Vice President of Finance & Administration

The VPFA oversees all internal financial and technical operations of the Society. They manage the Directors of Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Internal Processes.

Monique Kelly

Vice President of Student Affairs

The VPSA oversees activities directly interacting with the student body. They manage the Directors of Clubs and Conferences, Communications, Design, Governance, Social Issues, and Student Life.

Lily Stock

Vice President of Operations

The VPOPS oversees all service-related finances and operations of the Society. They manage the Directors of Retail Services and Educational Services.


Jack Walker

Director of Academics

The Director of Academics oversees academic advocacy initiatives, the Better Equipment Fund (BEDFund), and all Discipline Clubs.

Elizabeth Shannon

Director of Clubs & Conferences

The Director of Clubs and Conferences oversees all of the Society's clubs, conferences, and competitions.

Barbara McLachlan

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications oversees all the media and marketing needs for the Society.

Matteo Van Der Plaat

Director of Design

The Director of Design oversees all the Soicety's design teams.

Liam Osborne

Director of Educational Services

The Director of Educational Services oversees the educational services of the Society including Englinks, Science Quest, and the iCons.

Simon Yung

Director of External Relations

The Director of External Relations works to maintain relationships between our Society and external bodies such as the Kingston community and other engineering bodies.

Sam Shaw

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance oversees the financial processes of the Society's affiliated groups.

Danielle Gryfe

Director of First Year

The Director of First Year works to enhance first-year students' experiences through academic support, events, and expanding the community.

Andrew Anderson

Director of Governance

The Director of Governance oversees the Society's governing documents and processes, including bi-weekly Council meetings.

Alex Pysklywec

Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources oversees the hiring and feedback processes of the Society.

Josh Friedman

Director of Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology oversees the IT Operations and Software Development teams while maintaining the technological aptness of the Society.

Avery McFadden

Director of Internal Processes

The Director of Internal Processes oversees the automation of Society processes and the maintenance of communal student spaces.

Julianna Psaltakis

Director of Professional Development

The Director of Professional Development oversees career advancement activities for the Society.

Lily Stock

Director of Retail Services

The Director of Retail Services oversees the retail services of the society including Clark Hall Pub, The Tea Room, Golden Words, and Campus Equipment Outfitters

Sabien Edney

Director of Social Issues

The Director of Social Issues oversees the Society's EDII-AS-based initiatives and advocacy.

Matthew Brown

Director of Student Life

The Director of Student Life oversees the Year Executives and annual events including the Terry Fox Run, December 6th Memorial, and EngWeek.

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