Governing Documents

The constitution and By-Law Manuals of the Society outline the basic organization, scope and role of the Engineering Society, while the Policy Manual outlines procedures and supported activities. Together they form the guidelines that govern the operation of the Engineering Society. The constitution of the Engineering Society may be amended by a referendum, or at an Annual or General Meeting of the members. The By-Law manual may be amended through two readings. The Policy manual may be amended at any council. If you have any questions regarding these documents, please feel free to contact, the Society Officer(s) at [email protected].

Official Documents

The constitution is a very brief overview of the composition of the Engineering Society. It defines its purpose, responsibilities, goals, and membership and can only be changed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The By-Law manual of the society outlines the basic organization, scope and role of the Engineering Society, i.e., its rules, positions, and responsibilities. By-Law is intended to be somewhat permanent, requiring two readings at consecutive councils that pass, by majority vote, both times. At AGM, there only needs to be a single reading and vote. The Policy Manual outlines procedures and supported activities. For example, the direct execution of the contents in By-Law. Policy is intended to change regularly, requiring only one reading at Council, which needs to be passed via a majority vote.
Document TitlePDF DownloadWord Download
By-Law ManualByLawByLaw
Policy ManualPolicyPolicy
Appendix A – Discipline Club ConstitutionsDiscipline Club Constitutions (PDF)Discipline Club Constitutions (Word)
Appendix B – QUESSI ConstitutionQUESSI Constitution (PDF)QUESSI Constitution (Word)
Appendix C – Design Team ChartersDesign Team Charters (PDF)Design Team Charters (Word)
Appendix D – QPID ConstitutionQPID Constitution (PDF)QPID Constitution (Word)
Appendix E – Youth Action ProgramYouth Action Program Policy (PDF)Youth Action Program Policy (Word)
Appendix F – Classified Information Request SystemClassified Information Request System (PDF)Classified Information Request System (Word)

Have Questions?

Please email the Director of Governance with any questions or inquires regarding the Society's governance portfolio.