Fall Reading Break Plebiscite Question

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Hello Queen’s Engineering!

This Monday and Tuesday there is an election happening, and on this election ballot, there is a plebiscite (non-binding referendum question) about which option you prefer for a fall reading break.

It was decided last year that a Fall Reading Break will be implemented and there are now two options being considered. Not having a Fall Reading Break is not an option

The two options are below. Please note that the pros and cons below may not be a complete list.

Option 1

  • Move in day is exactly 7 days earlier, on the Sunday 8 days prior to Labor Day
  • Aside from being a week earlier, orientation week remains unchanged
  • Classes begin on Tuesday after Labour Day
  • A four-day fall break occurs, likely from the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to the Friday of that week. This will likely be a full week off
  • Pros
    • Full week break
    • Preserve orientation week in its current form
    • Same general layout as 1st semester is now
  • Cons
    • Residence fees will increase by ~4% to account for the extra week
    • Classes start 7 days earlier

Option 2:

  • Move-in-day occurs 1 day earlier (on Saturday)
  • Faculty Orientation would be 4 days starting on the Sunday
  • Classes run on the following Thursday and Friday
  • Residence Orientation would run on the following weekend and on the night of move-in day
  • Thursday and Friday classes are cancelled at some point around the middle of the year. This break may or may not be paired with Thanksgiving
  • Pros
    • Either a small extra cost to students or none at all
    • Move-in day is only 1 day earlier
  • Cons
    • Classes start 4 days earlier than the current system (on Thursday rather than on Monday)
    • We will have 1 less day of faculty Orientation Week

It is very important you vote on this very important issue to have your voice heard!


The Executive Director Team

This information can also be found in PDF form here

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