Fall Reading Break Stance

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The Engineering Society supports the implementation of a Fall Reading Break by moving move-in day 7 days earlier, maintaining the current orientation week, and implementing a full-week break attached to thanksgiving weekend.

This stance is a result of the plebiscite question which was included on the executive and senator ballot. The two options on the plebiscite question were as follows:

Option 1

  • Move in day is exactly 7 days earlier, on the Sunday 8 days prior to Labour Day
  • Aside from being a week earlier, orientation week remains unchanged
  • Classes begin on Tuesday after Labour Day
  • A four-day fall break occurs, likely from the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to the Friday of that week. This would be a full week off

Option 2:

  • Move-in-day occurs 1 day earlier (on Saturday)
  • Faculty Orientation would be 4 days starting on the Sunday
  • Classes run on the following Thursday and Friday
  • Residence Orientation would run on the following weekend and on the night of move-in day
  • Thursday and Friday classes are cancelled at some point around the middle of the year. This break may or may not be paired with Thanksgiving


Overwhelmingly, engineering students supported option 1 for the implementation of a fall reading break. 60% of students who voted (1209 students) favoured option 1, whereas 40% of students (806 students) supported option 2.

The Engineering Society plans to advocate on behalf of our students to the Fall Break Task Force and any other decision-making body involved, in support of option 1.


Taylor Sawadsky, Engineering Society President

A PDF version of this statement can be found here

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