Funding Your First Year at Queen's Engineering


It really depends on individual preference. Many students find success in first year using paper notes, finding it better for retaining information.

However, the majority of course content is online, so some students opt for digital notes to easily download lecture slides and other material.

It is possible to take organized, helpful notes with either, so don’t feel as if you absolutely need to get a tablet for first year.

The Engineering IT department does NOT suggest or recommend using/purchasing a Mac/AppIe computer.

However, many of the Windows-exclusive software products that are used in first year are available at student-accessible computer labs.

Baseline hardware requirements as well as specific laptop
recommendations are available on the Smith Engineering website at

Advice From Former First Years

"Housing here can be expensive and the leasing process can be overwhelming, but don't feel like you have to rush into a lease on the first house you find."

"Laundry is pay-per-use and unexpectedly pricy, invest in a drying rack to cut down costs. Especially if you regularly workout or do a sport."

"Apply for bursaries for orientation week and the engineering jacket, even if you have doubts that you'll get it."

"l do not recommend buying the APSC162 (Graphics) textbook unless you want to use it to study for your exams. In that case, look for second hand ones."

"Don't immediately buy every textbook on the syllabi, wait until you are confident you need it to succeed in the course."

First Year Cost Estimator

Disclaimer: This calculator is intended for estimating baseline expenses and does not consider extra costs such as entertainment, non-campus food, clothing, etc. All prices are in CAD and may differ slightly.

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