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EngSoc’s Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

The Engineering Society of Queen’s University stands with our Asian students and community members at Queen’s and abroad. Please read our full statement here.

We have developed a submission form where students may share grievances and initiate society-wide projects to ensure that our students have the opportunity to contribute to the direction of the Society’s actions and advocacy. The executive will be personally reviewing all submissions. Please access the form here.

2020-2021 EDI Accountability Report now available!

The Engineering Society’s 2020-2021 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Accountability Report is now available on the EngSoc website! This report serves as a means of transparency and follow-up to the summer EDI Action Plan. You can access the Report Summary here and the Full Report here.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding the report, we would love to hear from you! 

Executive Summer Accountability

Weekly updates on what the executive have been working on this summer. Also includes monthly updates to council with more details on the progress of various tasks.


Christina Bisol [email protected] | Kaija Niska Edwards [email protected] | Benjamin Frosst [email protected]

Who We Are

Formed in 1897, the Engineering Society of Queen’s University is one of the oldest representative bodies for engineering students in Canada and continues to be a leader in student initiatives. With over 3000 members currently staying on campus, 15,000 active alumni living throughout the world, and an annual budget of $1.9 million, EngSoc oversees some fifty-eight student-run initiatives ranging from design projects to services to fun social events.

Each of these groups operates as a real-world business. The students learn everything from business plans to fund-raising, from menu planning to decoration. These ventures develop many “soft skills” such as how to work in multidisciplinary groups and make business decisions in the real world. It is through these initiatives that students are taught to care for people and for the environment, and to act in ways that are healthy and sustainable. By exposing our members to social, environmental, diversity, and development issues through the various clubs, groups, and corporations affiliated with the Society, we help produce engineers that are more prepared for the global community.

We pride ourselves on offering something for everyone, no matter how diverse your interests are. Please take a look through the website and see what interest you; whether you are a potential student, current student, or alumnus. Our job is to make sure we arm students with the necessary out of class skills to cut it in any line of work, and make sure we have fun doing it!

EngSoc Hiring Portal:


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2017/2018 Clark Assistant Managers

Congratulations to the Clark Assistant Managers!   Operations:…

2017/2018 Golden Words Managers

Congratulations to the new Golden Words managers!   Editors:…

2017/2018 Head Managers Hired

Congratulations to the new Head Managers!   Clark:…

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