Sending Mass Emails


Why Mass Emails?

Mass emails are an indispensable tool for EngSoc's committees, clubs, and design teams. Through mass emails, messages can be sent to all recipients at once to convey important. They streamline the coordination of meetings and events, aid in email organization, and allow entire teams to be reached quickly and without tedious methods. Sending a certain amount of emails in a short time from an account to an external email address can result in your account being marked as spam. To prevent this, use Mail Merge.

What is Mail Merge?

Microsoft Mail Merge is a powerful feature within Microsoft Word that enables users to streamline the process of sending bulk emails. It allows you to create a single email template and merge it with a list of recipients' information, such as names and email addresses, from a data source like Excel or Outlook Contacts. With Mail Merge, you can personalize each email, making it appear as if it were individually crafted, while still sending them all at once.


To use Mail Merge on Windows, click here.


To use Mail Merge on MacOS, click here.


Note: The limit of 100 external emails per hour still applies when using mail merge, please space out emails to prevent being marked as spam.


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