September 17, 2014

Winston Churchill


The Elementary School Outreach Program is an opportunity for young girls in the Kingston area to participate in STEM activities outside of their normal classroom. 

In this program, Queen’s University volunteers meet with girls grades 4-6 on a weekly basis where they present engaging activities, lessons and experiments. Lesson plans and activities can range from making your own rockets to exploring simplified DNA models in unique ways. 

The goal of this program is to provide educational, exciting and hands-on experiences that will encourage curiosity, interest, and passion for STEM-related topics and learning. We hope to create close relationships between our volunteers and the girls to foster a strong community and to spark inspiration within our next generation of STEM leaders.

By exposing girls first hand to what the STEM field can look like in their future, we strive to empower girl’s interest in education and learning.


Please email the Elementary School Outreach Program coordinators if you have any questions.

Fatima Mekioui & Isabella Rossini
[email protected]