August 21, 2012

Outreach Programs


WiSE’s Engineering and Science Day is a biannual event where young girls from the community are invited to Queen’s campus to engage in science and engineering activities and learn about the possibilities in these fields. These events often include partnerships with robotics and design teams and involve hands on experiments.

On WiSE Girl Guide Badge Days, Girl Guides from the Kingston area come to Queen’s campus for a day to take part in hands-on engineering and science activities, while learning about the important role women have in STEM. At the end of the day, the girls will have met their badge requirements to earn a Girl Guides badge related to science and/or engineering!

In the High School Outreach program, volunteers visit local high schools and speak to older students of all genders about their potential options in Science and Engineering as post-secondary topics of study. These presentations allow students to receive advice and guidance from Queen’s Students and encourage them to ask questions about STEM and post-secondary education.

Elementary School Outreach Program is a program for girls in grades 4-6 at elementary schools. Our volunteers work with the students, organizing science and engineering related activities and experiments during lunch hours. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to mentor these young women and encourage them to ask questions about STEM.