September 24, 2016

High School


The High School Outreach program strives to educate young high school students about STEM fields, and to encourage them to consider a future in STEM. We prepare presentations for classes based on the Ontario curriculum for each STEM class, and try to put a fun and interesting spin on the lesson (whether that be an experiment, demonstration, or game) to get students excited about STEM! 

We also hope to alleviate some anxiety towards a post-secondary education by speaking to students about how to apply to colleges and universities, how to decide which school you want to attend, and more! We tend to target grade 10 and 11 classes, since they are the ones who will soon be choosing what they plan on doing after high school, and would benefit the most from learning about STEM. This year, our goal is to get back to in-person presentations at local Kingston high schools, however, we still have a few online presentations planned for the upcoming year so that we will be able to reach high school students not only in Kingston, but from all over Canada! 

WiSE’s HSO website is now up and running, and can be accessed here! On this page, our lovely volunteer team writes blogs about all things post-secondary, and all things STEM! By the end of September 2022, we hope to begin posting at least 1 blog every Monday. 

Additionally, the High School Outreach website will show all of our upcoming events under the tab “Events” so make sure to check it out to stay updated on our schedule! Finally, if any student ever has questions about post-secondary education, Queen’s or anything STEM related, they are able to reach out to any of our incredible mentors through the “Mentors” tab on the website. 



Please email the High School Outreach coordinators if you have any questions.

Mia Cordasco & Alex Phaneuf

[email protected]