September 24, 2016

High School



The High School Outreach (HSO) blog is now live and can be accessed here! In the “Mentors” tab, you can learn more about the 2021-2022 HSO mentors and find their contact information. In the “Forum” tab, after signing up for an account, submit any questions you have about STEM, being a university student etc…and read blog posts written by program mentors. Be sure to check out the “Events” tab to stay updated on our latest events and to find the zoom links for all our upcoming presentations.

We have various points of contact within the school community such as secretaries, guidance counselors, teachers for careers classes as well as teachers in the science department. If any of these sources find that these presentations would be a helpful addition to their lesson plans, we reach out and begin to plan our presentations. The length of the presentation can be modified to fit the needs of the school, with our standard time being approximately 45 minutes. This includes information about the science and engineering fields as well as some demonstrations to engage the students.

The sessions are presented by 2-4 volunteers depending on the number of attendees. Our target audience is Grade 10 and Grade 11 students as they are likely choosing their electives for upcoming years and can choose to pursue certain subjects they find they are interested in.


Please email the High School Outreach coordinators if you have any questions.

Andrea Stachow & Brooke Richie
[email protected]