September 17, 2014

Girl Guides Badge Day


Girl Guides Badge Day hosted on the Queen’s University campus is an annual event that invites Girl Guides from the Kingston community to participate in STEM experiments and learn about the role of women in different STEM fields. Depending on what kind of experiments are completed, girls can earn a science or engineering Girl Guides badge to wrap up their fun-filled day!

WiSE’s Girl Guides Badge Day will be held in March of 2023! We are super excited to hold more experiments and see old and new faces! Stay tuned for further specification on the event date!


Registration for the Girl Guides 2022-23 Badge Day Event will open in February of 2023! Specific dates for registration will be released closer to the upcoming year. 



Please email the Badge Day coordinators if you have any questions!

Rory Stinson & Sara Di Luch

[email protected]