August 22, 2012

Eng Sci Day


This Year's EngSci Day

This year’s EngSci Day went smoothly and was a lot of fun for everyone involved! It was hosted fully virtually through the use of Zoom and Google Classroom.

Girls from grade 1-6 were able to learn more about STEM through the use of at-home experiments, awesome club presentations and interactive virtual sessions, and overall it was a fantastic day of science-filled fun!

 The girls were able to participate in virtual online experiments like building a rainbow bridge, making marker drawings move, or even fishing for ice! There was a paper airplane workshop where the girls learned about the aerodynamic forces acting on planes, and then were able to build their own! Overall, the day was a huge success and Sofia and Jasnoor would like to thank everyone who joined!


Registration for EngSci day is currently closed.


Please email the EngSci Day coordinators if you have any questions.

Sofia Skebo & Jasnoor Jodhka
[email protected]