August 21, 2012




Women in Science and Engineering at Queen’s University hosts Brunch with Industry during first semester and Dinner with Industry during second semester. We invite women professionals from all areas within science and engineering to speak with students about their experiences in their field. Students of all backgrounds and years are invited to a reception and dinner/brunch providing a unique opportunity to explore potential careers in the sciences or engineering. For students who have a particular career in mind, this is a great chance to benefit from the experiences of women who have succeeded in their field of interest.
Speakers will address issues that affect all women in the workforce, such as attaining leadership positions and current trends in their respective industries. This event is also a great way to network with industry members in Kingston whose organizations may offer volunteer opportunities, internships or summer positions. In addition to a keynote speaker, we assemble a comprehensive panel of speakers, hoping to represent the diversity of the Engineering and Science disciplines. Past panelists have included women from diverse fields, from Environmental Sciences and Chemical Engineering, Business, and Medicine to Pharmaceutical Research and Biomedical Research.