Hiring Resources

Hiring is a big part of getting involved with a lot of opportunities within the Engineering Society. Here you’ll find various information and resources to help you throughout the process.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact the Director of Human Resource at hr@nullengsoc.queensu.ca.

EngSoc Dash

The Engineering Society Dashboard (EngSoc Dash) is the application portal used throughout EngSoc hiring. All EngSoc positions, whether organizational, clubs, services, conferences, events, etc. all use the platform to organize their hiring throughout the year. On there you can check out organization and position descriptions and see what’s currently hiring.

Unsure about how it works? Be sure to check out the Guide to Dash here.

Applicant Resources

Looking to apply to EngSoc positions? Here’s some resources that may help you out!

Hiring Committee Resources

Looking to hire with the Engineering Society? The following folder contains resources, checklists, and templates to use throughout the hiring process.

For hiring training, get in touch with the Director of Human Resources.

Engineering Review Board

The Engineering Review Board is a neutral third party that is responsible for investigating and providing recommendations on grievances about the policies, procedures, and activities of the Engineering Society.

If you have any concerns regarding how an interview was executed and want to talk to someone confidentially, contact ERB at erb@nullengsoc.queensu.ca.