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Position Descriptions!

Are you interested in applying for a position in the society, but unsure of what each position entails? Check out our EngSoc position descriptions here which include: The goal of the position Job Description Responsibilities Time Commitment Skills Required and Skills Gained Daily Tasks Past Projects/Accomplishments Timeline of Job People who have held the position […]

Fall Reading Break Stance

The Engineering Society supports the implementation of a Fall Reading Break by moving move-in day 7 days earlier, maintaining the current orientation week, and implementing a full-week break attached to thanksgiving weekend. This stance is a result of the plebiscite question which was included on the executive and senator ballot. The two options on the […]

Fall Reading Break Plebiscite Question

Hello Queen’s Engineering! This Monday and Tuesday there is an election happening, and on this election ballot, there is a plebiscite (non-binding referendum question) about which option you prefer for a fall reading break. It was decided last year that a Fall Reading Break will be implemented and there are now two options being considered. Not […]