Mathematics and Engineering Section

The Applied Mathematics and Engineering program, more commonly known as ‘Apple Math’, is a special engineering discipline unique to Queen’s University. It offers a combination of traditional engineering courses with ones in applied and pure mathematics. Students in this program achieve a foundation in theoretical mathematics and an intensive focus on abstract thought, analysis, and systematic problem solving for practical applications in engineering, computer science, finance, medicine, and more. There are three unique sub-streams offered in the Mathematics and Engineering program.

M6-Applied Mechanics Section

M6-Applied Mechanics

The Applied Mechanics option in Mathematics and Engineering blends elements of traditional Mechanical Engineering with the strong mathematics foundation that all students in the program receive.

M9-Computing and Communications

The Computing and Communications option combines basic communication and signal processing content with a package of courses in protocols, algorithm analysis, and software engineering methods.

M11-Systems and Robotics Section

M11-Systems and Robotics

In addition to the common core of mathematics courses, students in Systems and Robotics take courses in electronics, microprocessor systems, and electric machines from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, dynamics and mechanics from Physics, and advanced systems engineering and control courses offered by the Mathematics and Statistics Department.